Suspension Spring Anchor - ICCONS (PK 100)




The ICCONS TSO Suspension Spring Anchor is the perfect solution for suspending ceiling systems to concrete. This unique anchor can be set by hand and is ETA approved for cracked and non-cracked concrete. The TSO anchor is designed for multiple use non-structural applications and complies with ceiling hanger requirements for non-trafficable ceiling systems as referenced in AS/NZS 2785:2000 (Suspended Ceilings - Design and Installation.) Don’t use unsafe and unreliable shot fired hangers ... go with the safety critical solution - TSO Suspension Anchor.

Quantity: 100 per box

• Set by hand
• Extremely fast installation
• National Code Compliant (NCC)
• ETA Approved
• Cracked Concrete Approval
• Fire Rated
• CE Certification
• Medium load performance
• Suitable for overhead applications

• Perfect for suspended ceiling applications
• Ideal for medium load requirement applications that require a tie-off point
• Perfect for jobs requiring voluminous ceiling anchor points
• Suitable in concrete (cracked and uncracked)


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