Sika 600ml Black Sikaflex Pro Polyurethane Sealant

SIKASKU: 519850



Sika 600ml Black Sikaflex Pro Polyurethane Sealant - 20 to a carton

  • Solvent-free, Low VOC
  • Good adhesion to many substrates
  • Good workability, Early initial set
  • Movement capability of ± 35% (ASTM C 719)
  • Bubble free curing – i-Cure technology
Sikaflex® Pro+ is a 1-component moisture curing polyurethane elastic sealant and adhesive that is formulated on Sika’s newly engineered i-Cure technology to provide higher performance, more movement capability and improved bubble-free curing.

Sika’s new i-Cure technology is user and eco-friendly with no solvents and low environmental impact and the performance of traditional polyurethane. It is suitable for over painting with traditional paint coatings. The i-Cure® technology has an early initial set and overcomes bubbling in sealant while curing even in extreme conditions.

Sikaflex® Pro+ is a high performance, interior and exterior elastic joint sealant with excellent water, weather and ageing resistance. It has many uses, including; expansion joints in walls and cladding, sealing around doors and window frames, sealing penetrations in walls and floors for pipes, sealing joints in concrete and masonry elements, as a sealant for draught proofing and general sealing and filling applications.

Pro+ may be used on a multitude of applications and common building substrates. It has good adhesion to damp substrates. To name a few, Pro+ can be used on Aluminium, steel, powder coated metals or glazed tiles, concrete, aerated concrete, cement based renders, mortars and bricks.

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