Peel Away 8 (350g Trial Kit)

Peel AwaySKU: PA835G



Peel Away 8 is for use with Acrylics – Polyurethanes – Marine – Epoxy Paint Removal / Stripping

Coverage for the 350g trial kit is around 2x A4 size. The product is supplied with 2x A4 Peel Away paper, application spatula, application guide and product datasheet.

  • Removes up to 12 layers of paint in one application
  • Provides safe lead and Asbestos paint removal
  • No toxic fumes
  • less labour intensive
  • Preserves most substrates
  • Removes multiple coats of architectural and tough industrial coatings from virtually all surfaces.

Suitable for use on surfaces such as; Virtually all exterior and internal surfaces wood, brick, metal, concrete, painted aluminium, stone, plaster and painted fibreglass. Peel Away 8 does not scorch (darken) timber. As all situations vary, always perform a test patch evaluation. Works on oil, varnish and acrylic paints and some polyurethane coatings.

Not suitable for use on surfaces such as: veneers, plywoods, aluminium and composition surfaces, baked enamels, pure exterior acrylics, most 2 part epoxies and urethanes. Do not use on unpainted fibreglass.

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