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Quick-setting, easy-pour, controlled-shrinkage mortar for repairing concrete and fastening drains, manhole covers and roadwork fittings in place.

Mapegrout SV is used for repairing highly-deteriorated concrete structures, by pouring the product into formwork positioned around the said structure.
It may also be used for repairing floors for industrial use, and for construction work on roads and in airports which need to be reopened to traffic quickly.
Thanks to its short setting time, Mapegrout SV is particularly suitable for quickly fixing inspection wells, manhole covers and drain covers in place.
Made up of cementitious binders and special additives, Mapegrout SV is prepared by blending the contents of one 25 kg bag of the product with 3.0-3.25 l of water, depending on the consistency required.

Once prepared, the mortar is poured into the areas to be filled or into the formwork.
With Mapegrout SV, repair work or fills of up to 50 mm in thickness may be carried out.

If the layer to be installed is thicker than 50 mm, we recommend adding 40% of Gravel 6-10, and to blend the mix with approximately 3.5 l of water.
Areas repaired with Mapegrout SV may be opened to traffic approximately 2 hours after pouring, at a temperature of 20°C.
Mapegrout SV meets the minimum requirements of EN 1504-3 standards for R4-class structural mortar.

available in grey or black.

- applied neat: 20 kg/m2 per cm of thickness;
- used with 40% of gravel in the mix: 14.5 kg/m2 per cm of thickness (5.7 kg/m2 of Gravel 6-10).

25 kg bags

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