KERAPOXY White 100 (5kg)

MapeiSKU: 4510005



Two-component acid-resistant epoxy adhesive. Can also be used as a grout.


Kerapoxy is an improved reaction resin and slip-resistant adhesive (R2T) suitable for fast setting acid-resistant bonding of ceramic tiles, stone material, fibre-cement, concrete, and other building material on substrates normally used in building.


Pot life: 45 minutes.
Open time: 30 minutes.
Set to light foot traffic: approx. 24 hours.
Ready for use: 4 days.
After 4 days, surfaces can undergo chemical aggression.
Colours: 16
Application: notched trowel n. 4, 5, 6 or 10.
Storage: 24 months.
as an adhesive: 2-4 kg/m2.
Packaging: 5 kg units  
Kerapoxy is CE marked, as declared in ITT certificate nº 25040322/Gi (TUM) issued by the Technische Universität München laboratory (Germany)

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