Joist Hangers - Vuetrade


Size: 45mmx90mm (individual price)


Galvanised Framing Brackets are fast fixing, multi-purpose hangers for connecting joists to beams, trusses to beams, and roof trusses to girders.

VUETRADE Joist Hangers are a fully tested and compliant hanger bracket that meets and exceeds the relevant Australian Standards (AS1720) With a unique nail spike which makes positioning quicker and faster, these framing brackets are manufactured in Australia.

  • Unique Nail Spike Feature – removes hassle when positioning, no need to hold a nail and the hanger in position while you hammer!
  • Galvanised Finish
  • Meet & Exceed Australian Standard AS1720
  • Australian Made

Joist Hanger Codes:

Product Code Size Box Qty
VJH4590 45mm x 90mm 45
VJH5090 50mm x 90mm 45
VJH45140 45mm x 140mm 30
VJH45180 45mm x 180mm 30

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