Formwork Release Agent 50/50 Dilution 20L




Liquid Chisel LC201 Concrete Formwork Release Agent Liquid Chisel LC201 Formwork Release Agent is a unique and powerful non-reactive agent with exceptional release properties. It is used to create a cost effective, non-stick barrier between formwork and fresh concrete. Its non-staining, odourless formula will not inhibit paint adhesion and is suitable for use on multiple surfaces such as pre-treated formwork, metal, wood, plastic, rubber, and fibreglass. Applied to the ends of dry timber, LC201 will stop any swelling from occurring. As a versatile release agent, LC201 also offers superior rust and corrosion protection for steel molds and metal components, extending the service life of tools and parts. FEATURES AND BENEFITS: – Australian Made – Cost Effective – 100% biodegradable – Non Staining – Environmentally Safe – Odourless – Water miscible – This product will not inhibit paint adhesion – It will protect against corrosion – It is economical and extremely versatile – It can be used on pretreated formwork and will extend the life of timber formwork. – It will protect the ends of timber formwork from swelling

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