7.5mm Jobber Drill Bit Carded - Gold Series

Sheffield GroupSKU: C9LM075





  • M2 HSS Fully ground M2 HSS material increases drill life
  • Titanium Nitride coating reduces heat and increases lubricity for extended life
  • 135 Degree Split Point cuts faster and reduces wandering

Alpha Gold Series Drills are packaged in a reusable plastic hang pack, keeping your drills safe, clean and dry.



Overall Length 117mm
Flute Length 75mm
Stainless Steel RPM 489
Tool Steel RPM 733
Cast Iron RPM 978
Malleable Iron RPM 1100
Medium Carbon Steel RPM 1222
Free Cutting Steel RPM 1711
Alum, Brass, Plastic RPM 2445
Wood RPM 3667
Feed per RPM (mm / rev) .15-.25
Standard pack Qty 1


The flute form, web thickness and split point of the standard Alpha drills are suitable for most materials forming fine chips. For effective drilling, the rigidity of the drill and work piece are most important. The shorter the flute length the more rigid the drill. Long drills must be adequately supported to reduce vibration.

The following are important in drill use :

  • Clamp the work piece securely
  • Select the correct speed and feed
  • Use an appropriate coolant or lubricant
  • Ensure the shank is securely held. Avoid using worn drill chucks as the drill may slip during use.
  • Regrind the point or replace the drill before it dulls, do not force a worn drill.
  • When deep hole drilling, withdraw frequently to clear the chips ( deep holes start at 4X the diameter)
  • For stainless steel, manganese and high tensile steels, do not allow the drill to swell as it will cause work-hardening. Use a slower speed and heavier feed for these materials.

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