MAPEFLEX PU45 - 300ml

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One component, thixotropic, rapid-hardening polyurethane sealant and adhesive with a high modulus of elasticity for joints subject to movements up to 20%.

Mapeflex PU45 is a one component, thixotropic, rapid-hardening and flexible polyurethane compound, that is particularly easy to apply on both horizontal and vertical surfaces using a special extrusion gun or by trowel.
Mapeflex PU45 is used for sealing expansion and distribution joints in ceramics, stone material and concrete walls and floors subject to movement up to 20%, in internal and external car-parks, supermarkets, shopping centres and warehouses. It may also be used as an adhesive for bonding various materials together on a wide range of substrates. Mapeflex PU45 offers a perfect bond for stone and brickwork, metallic elements, such as flashing and guttering, wooden and plastic baseboards, cable beads and decorative gypsum elements.

Mapeflex PU45 bonds well to concrete and natural stone substrates, even if they have not been primed. However, we recommend the use of Primer AS if the surface is weak, or has a slightly powdery surface, if the joints are subject to high mechanical stress or in frequent, prolonged contact with liquids. Good adhesion is obtained when Mapeflex PU45 is applied to surfaces which are not absorbent, such as iron, steel, aluminium, copper, ceramic, glass, zinc-plated or painted sheet. However, to further improve bonding, we recommend that under certain conditions, the substrate material is treated with Primer M.

The product is ready to use and is available in recyclable aluminium tubes, equipped with a special extrusion gun which makes the product particularly easy to use.
Mapeflex PU45?is classified F - 20HM in compliance with ISO?11600 standards.

Technical data:
Elongation at breakage: 500%.
Movement when in service: ± 20%.
Set to traffic: depending on the depth of the joint.
Shore A hardness: 40.
Colour: grey, black, white.
Application: by extrusion.
Storage: 12 months.

- used as sealant: according to the size of the joint;
- used as adhesive: according to the method used (formation of a bead or spot-application).

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